Miniature Bull Terrier Health

The Miniature Bull Terrier is a relatively healthy breed, however, as with all dogs, there are known inherited conditions which we need to be aware of in order to help safeguard the health of the breed. We do ask that people report any serious health conditions to the Breed Health Co-ordinator, in order for a record of problems to be collated and compared yearly which may help us pinpoint any new issues arising and assist us in keeping track of health problems. The main conditions which currently affect the breed and for which we test are as follows

(Note the word ‘dog’ is used throughout but relates to both male and females. Click on each heading to read more)

Although not conditions two others areas worthy of note are:

This list is not a definitive list of all conditions, which can affect the breed.

It is recommended that annual health checks are carried out to ensure good health is maintained throughout your dog’s life.
The Miniature Bull Terrier Club highly recommend that each of these hereditary problems are tested for prior to mating where tests are available. This is in line with the Club’s Code of Ethics and the recommendations laid down by the KC’s Assured Breeder Scheme.
More detailed information on the above problems can be provided, please contact the Health Coordinator for further information, support or advice

Mini Bull Terrier Health Co-ordinator Dr Mandy Bennett.

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