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A Little About Us

The Miniature Bull Terrier Club is dedicated to the promotion and betterment of the breed and every year three shows are hosted at which anybody and everybody interested in this special breed, whether new to the breed or an old hand, is made to feel welcome. 

Our shows are generally structured to suit all levels, from youngsters getting engaged by taking part in Junior Handling classes, dogs or handlers attending their first show and more experienced breeders and exhibitors presenting their exhibits to best advantage, plus of course, those just enjoying the ringside assessment of the dogs… and the judging!

It’s not all about showing dogs though, health is a key concern and the club organises discounted health testing sessions annually, keeping abreast of new health developments and sharing its findings with its members.

Pet ownership is supported through the bi-annual Discover Dogs exhibitions and members are encouraged to seek out and develop other activities for this active little breed, such as agility and hoopers, which featured at our ‘Double Championship Weekend’.

Images from the 2023 Championship Show, click below:

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