Laryngeal Paralysis in the Miniature Bull Terrier


For some time it was thought that Laryngeal Paralysis in the MBT and other small dogs was quite rare and even in March 2016 the Animal Health Trust were unaware of its prevalence. But this disease is more prevalent than previously suspected and, whilst thought to be inherited, it is not yet fully understood, scientifically.

This is a disease which causes difficulty in breathing in affected dogs and in the most severe cases can cause death by suffocation. A most distressing event for both mini and owner.

The University of Bern, Switzerland, headed by Prof. Dr. Otto Leeb, have begun a research programme into the disease with the hope that a genetic test will soon become available to identify carriers so that testing before breeding will eventually eradicate this terrible disease.

This research requires as many BLOOD SAMPLES as possible from:

  • affected miniature Bull Terriers,
  • their parents,
  • their siblings if possible, and
  • samples from healthy dogs, to make the research effective.

The sheet attached gives full details of how and where samples should be submitted and please,

  • attach a copy of your minis pedigree showing as many generations as possible.
  • If your mini has been diagnosed with Laryngeal Paralysis or any other condition, please also attach a copy of that diagnosis.

Please contribute and together we will succeed in defeating Laryngeal Paralysis in the same way as PLL (Primary Lens Luxation) has been.

Brenda Ford

Health Officer

Miniature Bull Terrier Club

(email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)