Colours in the Miniature Bull Terrier
Several breeds have been unfortunate enough to attract unscrupulous breeders, producing puppies in large numbers simply for profit.  These people often produce ‘exotic’ or ‘rare’ coloured pups which are the result of crossing with other breeds.  These breeders – and these colours – are a future danger to our special breed.

To clarify for those new to the breed and those looking for puppies, the Kennel Club Breed Standard instructs that the following colours are accepted for Miniature Bull Terriers:

White (a white may carry, brindle, black brindle, black/tan, red or fawn head markings)
Brindle & White – Solid Brindle
Black Brindle & White – Solid Black Brindle
Red & White – Solid Red

Fawn & White – Solid Fawn
Tricolour – Solid Tri (black & tan)

Please beware of any breeders offering ‘rare’ colours, such as ‘merle’ – ‘lilac’ -chocolate.  These colours, along with blue eyes, do NOT appear naturally in miniature bull terriers and are introduced by crossing with other breeds and are often associated with health issues.

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