Dear New Member

Congratulations on joining MBTC.

The primary aim of the club is to promote the welfare of our distinctive breed, which enjoys a range of traits: loving, loyal, sense of humour, a delight in being ridiculous and unrelentingly self-important.

Your support for the club is very much appreciated, so please help us help you by remembering that your committee is pleased to support you in any way it can. The club stages three shows throughout the year, which we very much hope you will attend and get to know other like-minded people – approach any committee member and they will be happy to assist you and introduce you to other members.

Aside from the show-scene, the club takes health issues very seriously. The Club’s major triumph to date is the successful PLL gene isolation programme which it initiated with the Animal Health Trust more than 12 years ago. Obviously there are other health issues to tackle and our Health Officer, Mrs Brenda Ford will be able to supply any further information you may need, email her at: Mobile:07514013171.

We also offer our support to Miniature Bull Terriers in distress by doing our best to raise funds to support The Bull Terrier Club Welfare scheme in their generous support of our breed.

Finally, whilst breeding and showing Miniature Bull Terriers is a fantastic way to occupy your not-so-spare time and cash, please never lose sight of the overriding principle…. make the best of your efforts and, above all, have fun!

Dominic Clark
Chairman MBTC